Privacy Fence Installations

Privacy Fence Installations in 
Big Lake & Surrounding Areas

If you are a commercial or industrial company in Midland TX looking for a little more seclusion, a privacy fence is just what you need. A privacy fence can act as a wall to keep your business in, and everybody else out. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference a little divide between your workplace and the outside world makes.  
Privacy Fence Midland, TX

Privacy Fence Options 

Vinyl Privacy Fences

At FenceCo, we offer several types of privacy fences, one of them being Vinyl. Vinyl privacy fences
have many benefits, some being:

     • Strong & flexible material
     • Rust & peel proof 
     • Resistant to corrosion & long lasting
     • Low maintenance 
     • Available in many colors & styles 

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are also an excellent option that we offer at FenceCo. Some of the benefits of
wooden fencing include:

     • Inexpensive to install 
     • Easy to paint/stain 
     • Several styles available
     • Keeps animals out
     • More natural style than other materials

The type of privacy fence you decide to install for your business really depends on preference. If you’d like something a little cheaper and easier to install, choose wood. If you’d like something a little more durable and low maintenance, choose vinyl. Whatever your needs are, our professionals at FenceCo are always more than happy to help in the decision making process. Call today to have a privacy fence installed anywhere in Midland TX! 
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